"They successfully challenged us and our partners to have the courage to evolve or potentially end up as a cautionary tale."
"Exceeded all expectations and truly created a winning path for us."
"Their passion for courage and for brands is palpable and infectious. They will inject life and substance to your brand, I have no doubt."
"Courage turns to gratitude when you hit play on a debuting “tone setter” film and get a room full of applause from your global executive team of an 140+ year old brand. I thank Courageous for pushing us to do great work."
"Over my 17 year career with P&G, I've had personal experience working with numerous creative agencies, but there was something clearly different going on out there."
"Courageous has always been a great partner. They're thoughtful, challengers of conventional thinking while also fun and engaging."
"We’re still talking about it! Highly recommend to any organization that needs a reminder to never settle."
"Finding the courage to be different, taking risks, or challenging the status quo are typically our biggest obstacles at work and in life. Thankfully, Ryan Berman provides a playbook to realize our true potential."